Consulting / Service

The portfolio of HYTRAC`s service and consult include:


  • preparing drive diagrams with rim pull over speed
  • driveline calculations for mobile working machines including the rating of hydrostatic sizes and gear ratio as well as axle ratio
  • Consulting for SFME (System-Failure-Mode-Effect-Analysis) 
  • Preparing comparative analysis of different driveline systems regardless of their marketing state
  • Design and pratical construction of prototype drivelines inside mobil working machine as well as taking into operation 



Exampe for drive diagrams with rim pull over speed for a 39t-wheel loader

In cooperation with TÜV-Rheinland and a well known manufacturer of hydraulic systems and components a System-Failure-Mode-Effect-Analysis „SFMEA“ was set up by HYTRAC. This SFMEA is basically regarded to the HYTRAC-technology „Hydrotransmatic Plus“ but comprises also driveline components which are necessary, independent of the driveline system in use.


HYTRAC offers this SFMEA to machine manufacturers as draft version and basis for preparing their own final SFMEA.  

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