The product range of Hytrac consists of the entire driveline technology for mobile working machines. Mechanical gearboxes and electronic drive controls are developed on series level in cooperation with universities and industrial partners.The cooperation partner came from the whole value added chain i.e. involved were machine manufacturer as well as supplier for gearboxes, hydrostatics and electronic components.

The mechanical gearboxes as series products will neither be produced by HYTRAC nor delivered. Established and named gearbox manufacturer produce and supply theses products directly forward machine manufacturer by mutual agreement. Machine manufacturer might decide their self about the gearbox supplier as long as this company is licensed by HYTRAC.

HYTRAC offers machine manufacturer and gearbox supplier consulting in theory and praxis also regarding comparative driveline analysis of different published systems from several companies. Building up prototype drivelines inside mobile working machines and setting-up into operation is an offer of HYTRAC as well as supplying electronic drive controls.

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